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Irene T. Mann, Ph.D.
Licensed Psychologist
  Psychological Services
  for Adults and Couples

   5360 Holiday Terrace, Kalamazoo, Michigan 49009
   Ph:(269) 353-3063

Life can be a challenge at times. Changes, pressures, family issues, or relationship problems can cause upset or unhappiness. Psychological counseling can often help. A fully licensed psychologist with a doctoral degree, such as Dr. Mann, has spent years in study and clinical training, all to help people with life's challenges. Her understanding and expert guidance may help you better cope with your challenges.

   Questions which are common:    
  • How do I deal with work or school pressure and not feel so overwhelmed ?

  • My emotions are all over the place, what do I do ?

  • Why do I feel so insecure and anxious all the time ?

  • I am feeling depressed and unhappy all the time, how do I feel better ?

  • What can I do about my shyness in social situations ?

  • Why do I have such difficulty dealing with my parents, spouse, children, partner, boss ?

  • How do I talk with him/ her without it ending in a big fight ?

  • I am thinking of changing jobs or careers, what do I do next ?

  • Who am I and what do I want to do with my life ?

  • How do I become a more confident and successful person ?

  • How do I cope with losing a job, divorce, death, health problems, other stressors ?

  Psychological counseling can help with these common human questions, and more.


      Contact Dr. Mann at(269)353-3063